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Revolution and Revulsion: Democracy is on the warpath



The globe is being taken by storm, and the governments, even rightfully elected ones, are trembling in their boots. There never was an “Arab Spring”, and even if there was one outside of the journalists’ minds seeking to create a catchy title, reality caught up with the initial uprisings, wrapped its icy claws around them and pulled them back into the cold and bleak realm of Realpolitik. But besides creating an unstable and uncertain future for those countries that had successfully toppled their dictatorial megalomaniacs, the uprisings had set a new trend. A trend of revolution and revulsion.


Although it was not the reason, the “Arab Spring” did provide the spark for the launch of a new era of democracy. In the democratic states, this is not about eradicating the government, but instead, telling them you are sick and tired of the way they are handling things. Rather than simply practicing your right at the ballot box after a set time period, you can now actively take part in politics whilst not having to stand as a politician or be part of a pressure group.


To link up with a popular and mostly peaceful movement, strongest in Brazil, Bulgaria and Turkey at the moment, sign up to Twitter or Facebook and take a few hours out of your diary to take a stand against corruption, overbearing parental governance or any other issue you feel is being neglected. If you’re not in the country, I’d recommend you start looking at the practices of your own government and start something up. Described by Erdogan as a “curse”, a “menace” and a “scourge”, social media has become not just one of the main provocateurs but also its main organiser.


It is also a torch that shines into the deepest lairs of governance and reveals to the world its deepest secrets. The resultant revulsion is then fittingly played out in the squares of the cities, as the anger in the public internet domain is translated into anger in the public spaces.


Whether this form of power, that of morality, outlasts the power of the powerful remains to be seen. One thing that is for sure however, is that this new form of democacy is on a warpath and it will not stop until one side gets hurt.


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